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That’s how we help your business succeed; working together to create a forward-thinking fiscal system, with an intelligent strategy in mind.

Far beyond filing and reports, we help you understand your numbers so you can grow with confidence. We connect with clients to help them understand the purpose behind their numbers. We provide guidance to clients, while together we design, build and optimize fiscal systems that make sense.


“I have nothing but excellent things to say about Jessica, CEO of Strategic Systems Fiscal Planning Inc. As a business owner, Jessica has helped me understand…

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…my business past just hard work and having my bills paid. Jessica has been there every step of the way, through 2 tax audits, ensuring that the documentation was thorough and complete. She not only cares about the numbers, she genuinely cares about my well being. Running a small business has many challenges, but with Jessica being part of “my team” I sleep much better at night having a better understanding of where my business is at, and having a better plan for the future.”

“As a creative business owner, we found accounting and internal fiscal systems somewhat daunting before working with Jessica. She brought clarity to…

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…that which was confusing while acknowledging all that was done well in a very supportive and encouraging way. Her quick, thorough responses answered many last minute questions. We now experience a sense of calm when it comes to accounting, and feel prepared and ahead of the curve for any business changes that we may face. Highly, highly recommend Jessica and her team.”

Strategic Systems offers superb expertise with a deep foundational knowledge for the craft. With clear communication and ever present help, I would…

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…highly recommend Strategic Systems for anyone experiencing a need for proper organization and understanding in the business world.”

“Our company has been working with Strategic Systems Fiscal Planning for almost 2 years now. Jessica came highly recommended to me by one…

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…of her existing clients and I now highly recommend her services to everyone. When Covid hit, so did all the government mandated closures, grants, subsidies, loans etc. with all their ever-changing regulations. It was an overwhelming task! One phone call to Jessica and literally, she swooped in and took total control of my disaster. Her support has been invaluable.

Jessica is extremely dedicated and passionate about her work. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and I completely trust her in everything she does for our company!”

“Jessica Stevens is very hard working and knowledgeable in many aspects of the business world. When we started our company 5 years ago the chaos…

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…was evident, but with her help we quickly were set on the right track. She has and continues to be an integral part of our business strategy. Jessica thanks for all you do. You Rock.”

“Jessica’s expertise in financial systems is one of the best investments you can make towards the growth of your business. Her desire to see our…

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…business succeed as well as her care and attention to detail has given us confidence in our financial framework and data, allowing our business to make smart decisions as we continue to grow.”

“Myself and my partner are business owners with many years experience in what we do, and we’re good at it. We have a diverse skill set in our particular field and started our own business… 

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…5 years ago. We were confident in our abilities of what we’ve been doing for years, but it quickly became apparent that our knowledge of running the actual business side was much more involved than we counted on. We started to get behind with the bookkeeping, invoicing, payables, government paperwork and we needed help. We soon discovered Jessica and we asked for her assistance, and we’ve never looked back! Her insight into the workings and principles of running a successful and organized business, communicating with us, strategic planning, goal setting, and actually understanding and genuinely caring about our business and our success. We’ve been so thankful for her professionalism, her work ethic, and her commitment to keep us focused on the overall business, not just the day to day operations. She is wise beyond her years successfully assisting ours and other companies thrive in an ever changing marketplace!”


calm direction

strategic systems

Businesses should run all financial processes with ease and understanding. Adding insight into these areas enables you to have deep confidence as you to continue running your business.

Strategic Systems is when we learn your needs and requirements and we work to set up a clear system to follow that in turn, adds confidence and strength, and reduces stress and confusion.

Find yourself saying ? : “How do I do that again?” “When is that tax return due?” “It’s all filed here somewhere, but I can’t find a thing”

Know that when the day is over, systems should be set up to function with ease and simple in mind. We do this by helping assess your current processes and work to implement a well thought-out and well-designed strategy that suits your business best.

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fiscal planning

Learning to understand and own your fiscal data is a key skill. Creating and following a plan on the front end, allows a comfort knowing all things are being monitored on the front end; smart income strategies, maximizing profits, no surprises in cash flow, ready and aware of how taxes work etc.

Find yourself saying ? : “How do I owe so much in tax?” “Should I pay myself Dividends or Salary?” “What does my Balance Sheet really tell me that matters?”

Knowing and understanding core metrics about your business, directly adds value to you as a business owner. We do this by offering you support to better digest your fiscal information and implement purposed design and knowledge that directly adds to the health of your business.


Jessica Stevens, CEO

I began my career in the finance industry in 2000 with roles in underwriting, customer service and bookkeeping, working in a financial planning agency. Along the way, I took on various client work that added great diversity and experience. After years of continued growth in learning, I progressively advanced into VP Finance and managed the group of companies within the agency. I also directed the Compliance Department and produced a robust FSCO audit-approved compliance program that was industry leading.

I continued to add breadth of projects and education by managing corporate transitions, engaging in deeper level of bookkeeping with awry client files, and successfully navigated a $1.4M CRA audit going through the Notice of Objection and Tax Court of Canada processes.

In 2017, I discovered my genuine passion for connecting with business owners with transforming knowledge and I started SSFP. I wanted to share my experience and information I have gathered along the way with my clients to help make a difference in their lives and business.

I am married my loving husband since 2005, and together we have 5 amazing children whom I adore. I highly value my family and love being a dedicated parent to each of them uniquely.

I genuinely consider myself humbled to have such opportunity to serve my clients the way I do.

Organize Business, Strategic Systems, Fiscal Planning, Better growth, greater revenue | Strategic system Fiscal Planning

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